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The lush green tropical paradise of Southbroom nestles between Margate and Port Edward, Southbroom is South Africa's Jewel in the Crown of the Hibiscus Coast, KwaZulu-Natal. With its rich history dates back as far as 1884, the most romantic story would be of Leo Driessen who donated the Frederika Nature Preserve in rememberance of his late wife. The preserve is now a national heritage site comprising 8 hectares of mature, virgin dune forest.

Southbroom boasts two recognised swimming beaches and the coastal walk between them is realy special, thanks to the pristine condition of the primary dunes and vegitation, due to the ratepayers association who commissioned the clearance of alien invader plants in 2003. There are two tidal pools and the main swimming beach has shark nets and lifeguards and is a popular surfing spot.

Not only a founder of Southbroom, Frank Eyles also set out to build a 9 hole golf course in 1939. This was later extended to 18 holes by Al Mandy 9 years later. The picturesque , par 72 golf course runs through the southern part of Southbroom.

The village also boasts a tennis and bowls club.

Southbroom Golf Club
Southbroom Golf Club

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